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From The VSA Team:

Dear Traffic Deprived Marketer,

Imagine if you could power-syndicate literally thousands of your offers globally and locally from a single digital interface... An interface that allows you deep control into markets powered by social signals unreachable without such precise digital command... A way to re-think and re-imagine new paths leading to marketing nirvana like you’ve never had access to before.

Get Ready - It’s Here!

Video Synd Alpha, the ultimate video syndication platform that syndicates thousands of videos into niche markets in an instant has arrived!

Launch VSA and soon your profit centers get hit with tidal waves of video traffic through syndication campaigns you publish!


The mission is multiplicity… not just a handful of video positions but literally thousands of them syndicated at a touch of a button.

This is how VSA creates a multitude of video rankings globally AND locally that point to your profit sites where you get paid.

When YOUR profit centers receive a horde of traffic channeled with buyer intent… Great things happen!

And it’s never been easier to access and dominate your target markets as now because Video Synd Alpha puts all the power within your reach – right at your fingertips.

We’re video marketers ourselves… We built VSA for our own marketing so with that in mind, it had to work better than the rest.And it does!

We know what’s out there when it comes to limitations in other video software…

We‘re aware of every aspect and where they fall short of the mark to properly syndicate videos…

We looked, listened and designed around the weakest links we could find to produce a strong proven video syndication platform second to none…

And we did it!

But don’t just take our word for it…

Here’s a thumbnail inspection of the kind of outside feedback we’re already receiving from users who got their hands on VSA in our unofficial test launch...

Transcript Excerpt From Video:

“with one video you can start dominating all over the internet and I’m not talking about dominating Youtube, I’m talking about dominating Google with first page rankings”

[From Eric Rosen - unsolicited]

Transcript Excerpt From Video:

“in one day I made 4000 video channels… there’s other software out there but normally there’s a monthly fee of anywhere between $100 to $200 per month or more… Or it’s even higher to purchase …This particular piece of software eats all of them alive”

[From Tony Peacock - unsolicited]

As you can see… It doesn’t take much to realize Video Synd Alpha has progressed and surpassed other video syndication software platforms out there.

But here’s even more reasons WHY...

Marketers are tired of buying video tools that only partially accomplish the tasks necessary…

They’re tired of requiring several tools to complete the mission for getting video traffic that may not even show up. And we agree whole heartedly…

Who wants to get lost and confused learning several video tools to do the job of one with drawbacks like the following:

  • Over complicated to use
  • Limited video reach
  • Difficult to profit with
  • Won’t function as promised
  • Unable to target current trends profitably
  • Keep you confused and overwhelmed
  • Keep you on a technical hamster wheel getting nowhere…

Sound familiar?

Many times these tools just gather digital dust causing a loss of time and more money down the drain.

The Biggest Lie On The Internet Is The Lie Of Traffic Deprivation!

The gurus make it sound like there is no traffic unless you are an authority site or they tell you to go buy thousands of FB ads OR die …

But nothing could be further from the truth…

Because the internet is flooded with traffic everywhere!...

In fact… the internet is nothing but traffic…

The REAL problem is channeling the right traffic to YOUR sites...

That’s all you ever need to be concerned with…  So stop listening to the marketers steering you away from getting traffic when it’s right there waiting for those who can channel it.

Take a look at the blazing POWER VSA ranks sites by channeling traffic through video syndication…

Because Now The Bar Has Risen… 

Only this time…

A digital software masterpiece has emerged…

Video Synd Alpha,is an ALL-IN-ONE video syndication tool that combines marketing targets from a global AND local vantage point.

VSA brings you a mega – dose of unrivaled power when properly executed with our simplified training…

This level of market-penetration delivers a crushing edge of profit potential using social signals that pin point niches ready to explode.

And it does it without any code-skimping to make it happen…

That’s the reason we built a high-end video syndication engine into VSA… Because it gets results & fast!!

Now are you beginning to see the pure value & power of, Video Synd Alpha?

Other platforms can only mimic bits of what VSA can do and they’re falling away as prey to what this new video engine can produce…

So stand your ground… take heed… resistant marketing as we knew it has been dealt a heavy blow…

The barriers have been greatly weakened because now you have the power of Video Synd Alpha on your side like a secret video weapon you can unleash...

Set It!

Target Your Niches!

And Fire!

Launch thousands of profit centers in an instant globally AND locally THEN Get Ready To Profitize From Your Video Marketing Exponentially!

Here’s an over view of how it works…

Video Synd Alpha allows you to syndicate a single video a multitude of times across thousands of video channels.

Of course you can use more but using just 1 video is the least common denominator to tap into the power of VSA.

How simple is that? This intelligent feature simplifies having to use several different videos in a niche so you can use 1 main video to target your money siteper campaign.

You’re getting multi-use from a single video instead of having to create 10 videos or more.

A simple 1 minute whiteboard video or an outsourced Fiverr video will go a long way here.

VSA will auto-randomize various video files sizes to automatically create several off-radar uploads to fill up the video channel.

This is an extreme time-saver that boosts leverage…but that’s just the beginning of the brilliance of Video Synd Alpha…

Now that we have a video ready to market let’s set up our video syndication accounts…

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VSA Lite

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Add Video Syndication


1) Click the bulk profiles creator

2) Select how many accounts to create

3) The trick here is to do a sequence of accounts that when repeated just 10 times compounds into the thousands of accounts, profiles and channels.

Can you click a button 10 times to have all of that?

Imagine the sheer marketing reach you can have when using the power of VSA?...

Add Social


Bookmarking URLs is a vital step in the SEO process that should only be underestimated at your peril. In fact, if you build enough bookmarking profilesthis alone is enough to rank most long tail keyword phrases.[A] Click the Create New Profile button[B] Click the Randomize button to fill the top section

Lightning Fast Social Bookmark Account Creator And Poster

You can see below how we can do a lot of bookmarks quickly as they populate fast!

Add Linkwheels

Add Gmail accounts for your Youtube Channels

One Click To Linkwheel Your Linkwheels, Crazy, Lazy, SEO

Upload Video

Add in your money site url or the url of a video you want to rank. You can also add in multiple URLS if you would like to spin text…

In the Videos upload section, click the Add button, once you have saved the project, you can the hit the Start Uploading Video button.

VSA will begin uploading your video, spinning it each time so that it has a different title, description, keywords plus the file size is altered so that it appears (in fact it IS) a totally unique video each time it gets uploaded into your different channels.

You’ll have access to a full suite of video tutorials to walk you through each tab of the VSA software to get you up and running syndicating thousands of your videos across the internet fast and efficiently!

Video Synd Alpha, is an

ALL-IN-ONE video syndication tool.

As you can see VSA allows you to market to the world right from your workstation performing a simple succession of button clicks and fill-ins.

In fact, it’s so simple and easy you may get bored performing these 2nd nature tasks…

BUT forget bored…instead be floored when you see your high-ranking site positions and REAL profit potential VSA puts right at your fingertips!…

Who is VSA for?

  • Mainstream Affiliates
  • Amazon Affiliates
  • Local Offline Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • And more…

Look… if you’ve been chasing your traffic dreams and haven’t gotten anywhere yet…it’s really not your fault.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of inferior traffic tools from over confident, under qualified gurus that mislead you because many of them don’t really know what it takes to get REAL traffic…

But obviously… the solution to your internet traffic problems is exactly what Video Synd Alpha can give you!…

How would you like to wake up

each day and start seeing rankings like this?...

And this…

And this…

And this…


...get ready to experience…

  • Groundbreaking Marketing Leverage In 1 Tool!
  • 1000s Of Syndicated Videos Instantly!
  • Boost SEO Backlinks With High-Response Social Signals!
  • High Ranking Money SitesFlooded w/Buyer Traffic!!
  • Super High-Ranking Videos!
  • Simple Step By Step Operation!
  • Strategic Social Signal Market Penetration!
  • Thorough Video Training!
  • Superior Product Support
  • Global & Local Site Saturation
  • Outreach to thousands of buyers via syndicated videos
  • And so much more…

Here's EVERYTHING You Get!


Video Synd Alpha Training

12 Videos including 2 webinars on everything you need to start

syndicating videos to thousands of niche-targeted buyers

WITHOUT ever paying a dime for ad traffic.


Take A Look At The Power Of This...

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VSA Lite

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Or Check Out The Screen Shots Below!

PLUS you get ALL of these powerful bonuses…

Bonus 2 $97 Value Yours FREE!

WP Link Control

No matter how you grow your traffic, as it grows, your links will also grow and multiply. And when that happens it’s a good thing. However, you also create a lot of bad links that become broken along the way.

Without knowing where these bad links are can get your rankings into trouble when they are indexed instead of your good links.

Here’s the quick fix! WP Link Control

*Identify Useless Links In Seconds

*Choose Which Links To Do Follow or No Follow

*Cloud View Of ALL Your Outbound Links on One Page To Fix Instantly & Easily!

This traffic-saving tool will automagically find all your bad, broken links and fix them instantly.

WP Link Control restores your link juice optimizing your traffic without all the broken traffic leaks that plague so many sites. It’s a much needed traffic tool and you get it FREE this week only!

Bonus 1 $97 Value Yours FREE!

40 Professional CTA Images

Use these CTA Images to not only increase your sales, but to also create dozens of variations of your videos automatically with VSA. These are professionally designed CTA images that are proven to convert viewers into buyers!

Bonus 3 $197 Value Yours FREE!
VSA Live 60 Minute Training Session


Get LIVE Hands-On Training For Advanced Video Ranking Strategies On How To Create Video Commissions Out Of Thin Air!

- Learn How to Use Video Synd Alpha And Boost Your Traffic By Letting The Software Do All The Hard Work!

- PLUS, All Your Questions Answered LIVE in this 60 minute session!

The replay of this live behind closed-doors training alone is worth $197…

But it’s FREE for this week only!

In today’s video landscape, you can’t rely on

yesterday’s video strategies…

Video Synd Alpha represents
the future of video marketing TODAY!

Right now the choice is yours to make a bold move

to surge ahead of the crowd…

or remain stuck where you are with no chances on

getting the kind of life-changing traffic

internet businesses thrive on…

VIDEO SYND ALPHA has the kind of traffic

internet dreams are built on…

and if you make the right choice right now…

so can YOU!...



VSA Lite

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From The VSA Team:

There’s Nothing To Lose… Only Traffic To Gain… You Have Our No-Questions No-Risk Money-Back Plan And You’re Covered For A Full 30 Days…

It’s Simple… You either Love VSA

and the traffic It brings or

we don’t want your money…


  • q-iconWhat is video syndication?

    Video syndication is a fancy term used for mass publishing videos out to thousands of video channels all over the internet. Syndicated videos show up at social media sites and video sites alike. Google loves syndicated videos and rewards them with 1st page rankings.

  • q-iconHow long does it take to begin seeing traffic from syndicated videos?

    This is a great question and the best way to explain it would be to say, while there is no set rule of thumb on the variables at play here… once your videos are processed through the VSA software, traffic positions will begin popping up. Soon after, your traffic stats will start seeing up-trends with momentum.

  • q-iconHow is it possible to make money from syndicated video sites?

    That’s another great question… It works like this. Once you syndicate your videos they begin to saturate out into the internet where buyers can find what you are offering. If you did your marketing 101 correctly and matched-up offers with buyer intent, then there’s a great chance sales can start hitting your offers and begin flowing in.

  • q-iconAre there any OTOs or upsells?

    Yes… But you do not need them to benefit from the main VSA offer as it’s complete in itself. While our added-offers enhance and advance levels if you want to move up and become a VSA power-user, they are not required.

Hey… if you’re still on the fence…

There’s only one way to tell if this if for you…

Try It!

You see… if you are not getting substantial traffic

to offers and converting it to sales…then you are

not living the internet dream.

So our best advice is to...
to start getting
real traffic to real offers.

Once you see

traffic and conversions…

there’s no turning back as

you’ll be on your way and

this is how it usually happens

when traffic meets money.

Now it’s YOUR turn…

Don’t cheat yourself out of a

solid chance at true internet success…

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